Growing Things

The season for growing things has arrived at BICS.  Both Sunbeams and Primary Pupils have been doing some planting, uncovering their gardening skills!  Primary scientists have been investigating the best conditions for cress to grow in the classroom, while GCSE Biology student Mark has been completing his Controlled Assessment on the subject of Water Loss in Plants.

Pupils have also been preparing singing and recitations for the Gospel Musical Evening on 1st April at Hamilton Road Community Hub, when they will be taking part along with some well known Gospel Singers.
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Key Stage Three H.E.

As part of their 'Cheese Sensations' project, Key Stage Three created a healthy cheese snack in Home Economics.  This project also involved food photography and making an advertisement for their snack.
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February 2017 Primary Activities

Spring has sprung- inside BICS if not outside!  Some Primary pupils are pictured with their Spring artwork.
P2s Faith and Ethan are pictured with their two metre snake.  In numeracy work they have been learning about length by measuring in metres.
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Key Stage One and Two Science

Our current topic in Key Stage One and Two Science has been learning about force and motion.  Pupils are pictured taking part in experiments to investigate which surface had the most friction.  Everyone enjoys the chance to get hands-on! 
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Prize Giving

Our Annual Prize Giving Service is on Friday 11th November at 7.30p.m. when pupils will sing and bring musical items. The preacher will be Rev G Ferguson, Principal of the Whitefield College of the Bible.  Everyone Welcome.
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Traffic Survey

Some Key Stage One and Two pupils took part in a traffic survey recently as part of an ICT task.  Pupils made use of our new School entrance and ICT room to count the many vehicles that passed by on the Clandeboye and Rathgael Roads.  They then went on to graph their results and create a worksheet for someone else to fill in.
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New Year One Pupils

New P1 pupils Hannah, Ruby, Amber and Julia are pictured enjoying some play time outside.
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The Tabernacle

Pupils and Staff at BICS have been getting back into the routines of life in the classroom!  Everyone has been enjoying getting to know the new P1s: Ruby, Julia, Amber and Hannah.  The girls have been settling in well and are making good progress in learning letters and sounds.
Hannah is pictured helping some of the older pupils to measure the dimensions of the brazen altar as part of their Scripture project, while Ruby, Ethan and Faith examine a model of the Tabernacle.  Throughout the next few months we will be learning about the uses and spiritual significance of the various items both inside and outside the Tabernacle.
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GCSE Results

Congratulations to Anna, Kirsten, Naomi and Victoria on achieving 100% pass rate at grades A-C. Wishing you all God's blessing in your future plans.
Psalm 118 v 23 "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes."
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Sunbeams Sports

Some of the Sunbeams are pictured preparing for the beanbag race on their Sports Day.
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