Learning about the Weather in French

Our French topic 'The Weather' has been very appropriate for the variety of weather we have experienced recently!  Pupils have been putting their French to good use describing what has been happening outside. Activities have included various weather games, listening to forecasts as well as making them and exploring the Primary Languages Website section on weather.  

Pictured are pupils with some of the props used when they picked an item suitable for the weather given in French.  They especially enjoyed competing against each other to see who picked the correct object the quickest.

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School News

Amid the end of term exams, Carol Singing, festive crafts and seasonal activities, December's highlight for many, if not all, BICS pupils is the Christmas Dinner! 

Pictured are some of the pupils getting ready to tuck in to their delicious meals at McKee's Restaurant.

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Key Stage Three D.T.

Key Stage Three pupils Esther and Solomon are pictured with their snowmen made from socks that they created in D.T. 

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Prize Giving

Bangor Independent Christian School recently held its 32nd Annual School Prize Giving.  Cups and shields were awarded for Spelling, Scripture, Endeavour and Sports.  Pictured are some of those who were recipients of awards, left to right: Ethan, Jeremiah, Caleb, Solomon, Julia. 

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Bug Hunt

"We're going on a bug hunt" was the cry as pupils recently investigated the bugs in the grounds surrounding our school as part of their study of hedgerow habitats.  As well as having the chance to get out and about, we also had fun reading the story 'We're going on a bear hunt.'  
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Missionary Visit

BICS was delighted to welcome back past pupil Andrew Foster who will head out to Uganda in a few weeks.  Mr Foster told the pupils how the Lord had led and guided in his life from the days when he was a pupil to the present time, encouraging them to endeavour to know Christ and make Him known.  Everyone enjoyed seeing photos of Emmanuel Christian School in Uganda and they had the chance to ask many questions about life there.  

We will continue to pray for Uganda, especially in our Monday morning prayer times when we focus on Africa.
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Reformation Bibles

Pupils were delighted to receive beautiful commemorative Bibles from the Trinitarian Bible Society this week, the reward for correctly completing their Reformation Quizzes at the end of the last school year. 
The quizzes fitted in so well with our efforts here in school to learn about the Reformation in this special anniversary year.
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Healthy Eating Week

This week pupils in our school have been taking part the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week. This involved us trying some of the BNF Healthy Eating Week challenges.


Pupils had the opportunity to take part in activities within school, including games and cooking to promote key health messages and habits.  

Key Stage Three pupils are pictured making healthy snacks which we later got to enjoy at our Praise Service.

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Key Stage Three CPR Training

On 8th June Key Stage Three pupils took part in the British Heart Foundation’s Mission: CPR, which aims to create a nation of life savers.  In the CPR training sessions, the pupils learned child and adult CPR, how to put a casualty in the recovery position and how to use a defibrillator.


Currently only 1 in 10 people survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest but our pupils, and others who also took part across the country, aim to change that! Their CPR training could mean the difference between life and death for any of the 30,000 people who have a cardiac arrest every year. 

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More Photos of Reformation Room Visit

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